where insanity leads, I follow (scarletspy) wrote in the_new_ipod,
where insanity leads, I follow

Help with video iPod.

This might be a really obvious question but here goes anyway.

I just bought a new video iPod and I've got a pretty good grasp of how everything works. My problem is to do with TV Shows. I have some I want to transfer onto my iPod. I converted them into MPEG-4 files using Jodix and imported them into iTunes. That went fine. I uploaded them onto my iPod - also went fine. But when I go into my Video menu on my iPod, the only options are 'Video Playlists', 'Movies', 'Music Videos', 'Video Podcasts' and 'Video Settings'. There's no option for TV Shows and that's what my shows are saved under on iTunes, so I can't access them on my iPod. Anyone know why there isn't a TV Shows option on the video menu? Should there be? If not, how do I access TV Shows then? I'm hopelessly confused.

I guess I could save the TV Shows as Movies in iTunes, but it seems pointless having the TV Show catagory in iTunes, if it doesn't translate onto the iPod itself. Am I making any sense?
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