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THERE'S A NEW IPOD IN TOWN! [entries|friends|calendar]
There's a new ipod in town

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Hey, I hope this isn't against any sort of community rules, but I'd like to show you guys an ebay auction I have up. I have 2 used black 30g Apple Ipods, 2 ipod cases (one is a brand new neoprene blue INCASE), 1 pair of the original white Ipod earbuds, 1 pair of large Radioshack headphones, 1 pair of Sony NOISE CANCELING headphones (with carrying bag), 1 Car charger for Ipod (plugs in with usb cable), 1 mini speaker for Ipod. If you guys are interested, and have any questions feel free to contact me either here or on ebay.

Here's the link
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digital booklet [2.2.07]

I bought a digital booklet through itunes and I can't view it on my ipod. Anyone know why? What preferences do I need selected to view this?

All help would be appreciated - TIA!
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Ipod Shuffle Help? [1.5.07]


Hey, i just got one of the those new versions of the ipod shuffles, and i don't know if these problems occur for all ipods, but any help would be great! Now, when i plug in the dock in the USB port, it keeps connecting and disconnecting over and over again. is this normal? also, when i listen to the music, there's this fuzzy sound in the background, and it's really annoying, cuz you can hear really loudly when the music's on low volume. Anyone know the answers? Thanks so much!

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New to the scene [11.27.06]
Hey everyone,
I just got my 30gb video ipod and I'm trying to get all the programs I'm going to need to get video and music onto my ipod. Currently I'm using Ares to download music and television shows and I have videora ipod converter to get the stuff ready for my ipod.
The next thing I want to do is to take my dvd's that I've bought (like movies and tv series) and to put them on my ipod if I can. Is there a program that you reccommend for a windows user? How do I even go about getting my dvd's onto my computer so I can convert them and get them into itunes and then onto my ipod?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch.
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I can see not many questions get answered here, but I'm gonna ask anyway.

Has anyone here actually uploaded a video to their iPod that was already in their Videos? Not bought off iTunes, but you previously had it on you computer. I tried getting a simple music video on my iPod, it said I had to convert it, so I did (which took 30 minutes), and when I put it on my iPod, the sound didn't work. So now I have a video, but I can't listen to it.

Also, is there a way to delete songs off your iPod? I don't know how to do that either.

And this just happened recently, when I plug in my iPod to get songs onto it, THIS pops up. But no one else has the software up except me. How do I get my iPod to show?

If these questions appear stupid, cut me some slack, I just got the iPod yesterday.
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Backlight [6.20.06]

[ mood | confused ]

I have a 60Gb ipod video and can't turn on the backlight using the menue button. Are all the 60Gb ipods like this? My friend has a 30Gb and can use the menue button for the backlight.

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Most all of my music got deleted from my computer.(quite a lot of music i might add).
I have it all on my ipod, and I was wondering if there is any way that I would be able
to get the music on my ipod back onto my computer?? I don't want to have to re-down
load it and all that. It has taken me a longg time to find a lot of what I have.

Thank you so much a head of time!!
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TV Shows on 30gb iPod [4.8.06]

Hello, I just joined this community and I had a little questioin. Both my roommate and I have gotten the new 30gb iPods recently and it has been up to me to upload lots of fun things to them...mainly cartoons cause yea we're mature lol. However sometimes I'll upload the files and it will show as transferring in iTunes and even show up under my iPod in iTunes, yet when I look at my iPod later I can't find the files anywhere. I looked back in the community a little bit and saw where someone mentioning that all non iTunes brought videos would show up under movies and I've tried that and it works, however it's really annoying cause now I have TV Series spread out and it's not as organized. Does anyone know a way to get all the TV Shows to show up under TV Shows? They give you the option for movies, tv shows, or music videos so it would make sense if you were able to put the file into whichever one you choose. If that's not possible then how about away to have the sub catagories under movies? Currently I just have a list of the files and that's it, whereas in TV Shows you click on the show title then you can choose from a sub catagory. Is that sub catagory stuff available in the movies section, or no?

Thx in advance for any help.

Oh oh and one more question about csses. I saw a lot of good things said about the Agent 18 and Invisible Shield, however we already have the non-apple brand leather cases and I'm wondering would an iPod in either of those cases fit inside the leather case? I really want to find a way to protect the screen as well as the actual iPod a bit more since for me it was a really expensive investement. Thx again :)
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so i just got my video ipod on tuesday, a 30gb one. everything was fine until last night i plugged it in to charge and it got frozen on the 'do not disconnect' screen even though itunes said it was okay to disconnect. i tried everything i could and looked up things on apple where it said to reset it, so i did. so my ipod was empty and i plugged it back in to reupload all the songs and itunes said it was uploading them all, but none of them copied to ipod. and my entire library only takes up 1.1gb, yet with all the times i tried to reload the songs last night, the bar on itunes says ive used almost 4gb which is absolutely insane. i tried deleting the ipod software and reuploading it and it still isn't working. i don't want to delete itunes because of all the songs i've bought from the music store. does anyone have any idea what i should do?
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Help with video iPod. [3.12.06]

This might be a really obvious question but here goes anyway.

I just bought a new video iPod and I've got a pretty good grasp of how everything works. My problem is to do with TV Shows. I have some I want to transfer onto my iPod. I converted them into MPEG-4 files using Jodix and imported them into iTunes. That went fine. I uploaded them onto my iPod - also went fine. But when I go into my Video menu on my iPod, the only options are 'Video Playlists', 'Movies', 'Music Videos', 'Video Podcasts' and 'Video Settings'. There's no option for TV Shows and that's what my shows are saved under on iTunes, so I can't access them on my iPod. Anyone know why there isn't a TV Shows option on the video menu? Should there be? If not, how do I access TV Shows then? I'm hopelessly confused.

I guess I could save the TV Shows as Movies in iTunes, but it seems pointless having the TV Show catagory in iTunes, if it doesn't translate onto the iPod itself. Am I making any sense?
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Hey. [3.6.06]

[ mood | complacent ]

Hey guys. Just wanted to write a quick post about how impressed I am with Apple and their tech support. My poor Ipod Nano (aka Gizmo) died on me two weeks ago. After filling out their online tech support page, they quickly rushed me a prepaid shipping box with packing materials. Then they had a new Ipod Nano (engraved just like my old one) back to me less than two weeks after they got my old one. It was amazing! I couldnt live without my Ipod and Im glad I found a group of people who feel likewise.

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[ mood | anxious ]

Hey! I'm new here. I was wondering how come I can't upload SOME pictures for the albums into the cideo ipod? Some of those work for SOME songs - not all.

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what next after the nano? [1.25.06]

anybody know when the next version of the nano is due to come out?

(alas, apple used the older (but still good!) ipod g4 audio output codec chip in the ipod nano instead of the new, improved one used in the ipod shuffle.)

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Hi everyone, I thought you guys might be interested in a new iPod community, _ipod_mods is a community about iPod customization. Currently we have several iPod themes posted for the nano and for the iPod color/photo, and a new iPod theme for the iPod video will be finished and posted this weekend. If we seem to get a lot of interest in more video themes we will definately post more. Check it out! I think this community could be really awesome if we had more people involved, thanks!
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External Harddrive Ability? [1.8.06]

Hello. I don't know if this has been asked before, so please bear with me.

I bought my ipod mostly to use as an external harddrive. I put a bunch of photos onto my iPod, I can see those photos on my iPod, but I can't figure out a way to put these photos back on my computer or move the files around to other computers. I use a PC, and I've figured out a way to put photos on it and then take them off through Microsoft Explorer, but it requires me to synch the ipod to a folder containing my photos. If I have it synched, I can't delete the photos off of my computer without the ipod also deleting them.

My goal is to put all of my photos onto my ipod so I can take them off of my computer and save space, so there's got to be a way to access the photos folder on my ipod without having it synched up to anything, right? Does what I'm asking make any sense at all? Because it's frustrating the hell out of me and I have no idea what to do here.

Thanks for all of your help!
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Does anyone have Quicktime Pro 7??? I am having some trouble with it . . . I registed my key and everything but how do I convert my DVD. The Apple Support sucks so if anyone can help please comment.

If not, does anyone know of another 3rd party program I can buy??? I read about one in someones comments here a long time ago but I can't find it again...

I know about Videora and I have tried that out and I don't like it. I don't have the patience for it. LOL!
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Hey everybody. Im new and I found this site for ipods. You can buy this stuff to clean up scratches on your screens and buy a invisible cover so it is always protected. http://www.theinvisibleshield.com/
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i just joined this community, and i hope that this is okay but here it goes:

i created a new community that is meant for the sharing of videos that will work on the video ipod.

if you are interested, join

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Found an iPod! [12.30.05]

I live in Los Angeles and I was walking around with my father last night on Sunset Blvd and I found an iPod in perfect condition! It has a color screen and plays photos. My only question is how do I know if it plays video or not?
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does anyone have the evo3 video ipod skin? It is at iskin.com
I just wanted to know what everyone thought of them, and if you really needed to buy the headphones with it.

or...does anyone know of a good skin for the ipod video???

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