Jax (shadowsync) wrote in the_new_ipod,

TV Shows on 30gb iPod

Hello, I just joined this community and I had a little questioin. Both my roommate and I have gotten the new 30gb iPods recently and it has been up to me to upload lots of fun things to them...mainly cartoons cause yea we're mature lol. However sometimes I'll upload the files and it will show as transferring in iTunes and even show up under my iPod in iTunes, yet when I look at my iPod later I can't find the files anywhere. I looked back in the community a little bit and saw where someone mentioning that all non iTunes brought videos would show up under movies and I've tried that and it works, however it's really annoying cause now I have TV Series spread out and it's not as organized. Does anyone know a way to get all the TV Shows to show up under TV Shows? They give you the option for movies, tv shows, or music videos so it would make sense if you were able to put the file into whichever one you choose. If that's not possible then how about away to have the sub catagories under movies? Currently I just have a list of the files and that's it, whereas in TV Shows you click on the show title then you can choose from a sub catagory. Is that sub catagory stuff available in the movies section, or no?

Thx in advance for any help.

Oh oh and one more question about csses. I saw a lot of good things said about the Agent 18 and Invisible Shield, however we already have the non-apple brand leather cases and I'm wondering would an iPod in either of those cases fit inside the leather case? I really want to find a way to protect the screen as well as the actual iPod a bit more since for me it was a really expensive investement. Thx again :)
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